Balloon Decoration

Balloon Decor

Balloons go a long way in creating a great impact as long as the right designs are selected for the venue and occasion. Designing balloons is an art form just as floral arrangements are.  Completed  at your venue with style and crisp finish, we accentuate the decor for your occasion.

Our qualified staff can help you with designing balloon features such as arches and clusters, as well as more detailed designs such as tunnels, walls, etc

DFL is stocked with the largest range of balloons, both latex and foil, and we guarantee that there is something on offer for every taste.

To give your balloons an extra touch and make them a little more special, we can personalise balloons, with either vinyl print or pre-printed designs, for corporate events, parties and weddings. Contact us with the details of your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for this service.

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